Speed of Sound

DEBOX is kickin’ off with its first release, the 2 track EP “Speed of Sound” by Cologne based producer Fabian Bussmann. “Speed Of Sound” on the A side clearly points out Fabians preference for clear structures and kind of an order in the adaption. Impressive is the reduction and focussing on the basic elements. Base of the track is a powerful beat as well as perfectly worked out electro sounds which precisely hit their target, nevertheless transport deepness and emotion.”Don’t Panic” on the flipside however is a true techno monster which will probably achieve it’s full potential through massive use of fog and flashlights. Particularly intersting is the adaption: after a rough beginning with a dominant bassdrum the track constantly develops to a deep, reduced, but very rhythmical and clicking minimal techno track which provides some surprises and will surely cause sensations and a lot of hands in the air on the dancefloor.