Fabian Bussmann – Sometimes I’m Invisible

Almost two years after his highly acclaimed debut, Fabian Bussmann is back with a release on DEBOX. And the waiting was worthwhile! Sometimes I’m Invisible is a remarkable piece of work and shows an recognizable advancement in Fabians production skills. “Or Else” on the A- side is predestinated to be played on a big sound system. Dark, athmospeheric, reverberated with lots of freaky delays and effects and equipped with a powerful bassline the track creates a tension that will surely massively discharge on the dancefloors this summer. The remix on the B- side was created by Bastian Buesser who recently attracted a lot of attention with his releases on DEBOX and Endlich Elektro. Buessers interpretation of the track is a deeper, more playful approach of the theme. Without touching the basic structure of the track he constructs a more relaxed, athomospheric vibe, taking back the tempo and adding a new bassline to the adaption. The title track “Sometimes I’m Invisible” clearly distinguishes from the the A- side and presents a different side of Fabians work coming along with a groovy bassline and lots of percussive elements.