Paris Haze – So Much Pain

DEBOX proudly presents Paris Haze’s debut solo EP. So Much Pain/S.I.N.A.R. Symphony is a 3 track club rocker including: So Much Pain (Hazy Day Mix), So Much Pain (Mynameis Mix) and The S.I.N.A.R. Symphony (Hazy House Mix). The “hazy day mix” is a progressive house hit guaranteed to ignite any party. Not only is Paris the master of ceremonies behind the production, he even steps up to the microphone to deliver a monstrous, in your face verse! The “mynameis mix” is a break beat junkie’s dream. This mix re-enforces Paris’s belief that all forms of electronic expression should and will be explored. Finally, the S.I.N.A.R. Symphony is a spooky hybrid of deep progressive house and dark progressive breaks.